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Episode 12

After the first initial touch and feel of the fabric I feel in love. It was something that I haven't felt before. I found out about this brand from my cousin Raymond Barajas ( IG: Ray2wild ) who is a Sponsored Ambassador of the brand. (continued below)

So before I was on board I had a meeting with the Owner/ Designer of Leomicci Jonathan Oe. Jonathan explain everything to me from the type of fabric being used on this Casual Luxury V neck to me being in the process of cutting and sewing this V neck specifically for me. (continued below)

This European mercerized cotton makes all of the difference. This soft cotton feels amazing while its on your body. I sweat really easy and I could feel that this V neck was different from any other T-shirt I have ever worn. (continued below)

I recently joined the team and excited to be apart of this brand. Big things are coming so please stay tuned. Use my promo code listed below for 10% off your purchase

All Items Can Be Purchased On Links Below

V Neck

Leomicci Mens Luxury V Neck

Use Promocode: MARCC for 10% OFF


Nordstrom Topman Ripped Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans


Nike Roshe Run One Black

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