Blue Bird Sushi

Lately Long Beach has been blooming with Vegan restaurants all over town amazing to see this because it’s my hometown. All of them are definitely making a move but his little restaurant is definitely pushing the button when it comes to vegan sushi. I visited Japan a few years prior to my vegan lifestyle. So I’ve experience first hand authentic Japanese sushi. But this cute little place is definitely making its mark and If you haven’t gone I suggest you stop by its worth it. Trust me I’ve been coming at least once a week for the last few weeks I can honestly say Im addicted. But its not just the food that brings me back its the people that keep this restaurant going. The relationships I've built from the waiters to the owner. It feels homey to me. This neighborhood is dear to my heart since I grew up here. I spent my youth summers just walking distance on Broadway and Orange at my grandmothers.

I usually order 3 different items off the menu. Which for me is more than enough. The food is filling.

I usually start off with the Veggie Gyoza just to get the pallet started. These little green gyozas are packed with flavor and the dipping sauce is to die for. (pictured below)

For main course I always get the Vegan Tuna and Vegan Nirvana Roll. The vegan tuna is more a sashimi (raw fish/ wrapped in rice). The tuna is a sliced tomatoes seasoned. These little tomatoes will have you thinking you’re eating fish for a second.

The Vegan Nirvana roll is not to mess with. It’s a vegetable roll with a punch. Adding the same slice of vegan tuna on top of the roll with a small piece of tofu adding the sauces on the roll just combines all the flavors really well in the pallet.

Usually I never make it to dessert but they were gracious enough to bring something out the “Orange Sorbet”. It was devoured it within a few bites usually don’t do dessert but I will definitely be getting this again.

Thank you Blue Bird Sushi for having me! Again check them out!

Blue Bird Sushi

1532 E Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90802